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Aquatic adventure camp 

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(There's nothing else like this in Singapore... don't miss out!)

an adventure  awaits 

Join this action-packed holiday camp for 5 – 9 year olds, combining sports and important values of teamwork and empathy. Exercise not just athleticism, but also critical thinking and creativity through sports and story-telling!


Nov 27–29 (Mon–Wed)


Dec 6–8 (Wed–Fri)


9am – 4pm daily

(Lunch provided)



Registration closes 20 Nov!

Bring-a-friend promo

Sign up as a pair and get $50 off each!


St Andrew's Autism Centre

1 Elliot Road, Siglap, 458686

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To kickstart Days 1 and 2, learn Rugby and Frisbee basics by Tiny Mountains in the mornings. Work on speed, power, body awareness and object control while embarking on a Pirate and Mermaid adventure. 

A quick recharge in the afternoon, then it's time for Swimming with Red Dot Penguins who will take the children – oops, Mermaids – through a series of swim lessons and water activities to build water safety and risk-awareness. (Beginners welcome!)

On Day 3, head out to East Coast Park for Ahoy! Adventure where the little Pirates and Mermaids will have to put all their newly-learnt skills to the ultimate test at the beach. There, they will learn how to set aside differences and work together to solve a series of mysterious clues to thwart a shadowy force.


Coming home, we will end off the camp with a massive Pool Party to celebrate everyone's achievements!


Once upon a time, a party of pirates set sail on the seven seas to hunt for buried treasure. They sailed and sailed and dug up lots and lots of treasure. The pirates loved their treasure!

Meanwhile, a school of mermaids swam out to sea to search for sunken treasure. They swam and swam and scooped up lots and lots of treasure. The mermaids too, loved their treasure!

But what would happen if one day, the mermaids and pirates come upon the same pile of treasure? Who would get to it first? Who would win? Keep a look out! What's more, not all is as it seems, for in the background lurks a hidden force...

Join us on our Aquatic Adventure Camp to find out what happens!

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