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Fun with friends in the sun: Three reasons why your child should enrol in group swimming lessons

Coach Lockie and Coach Hong Jun with Learn To Swim students.

Learning swimming can be intimidating, especially for younger children who are just getting used to the water. With friends by their side however, fear can turn into fun, and they can even spur each other on to learn better!

While children may receive more personalised attention in 1-on-1 classes, Red Dot Penguins’ lessons are conducted in groups, because we firmly believe that group learning is more beneficial, especially for learners who are of a younger age. Here are three reasons why:

1. Children can learn from each other

Our coaches always take great care to teach students the skills they need to know in the water, but nothing beats trying these new techniques out alongside your peers. During classes, your children can observe each other and learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Through these peer observations they can learn what they should or should not imitate in the water. This is especially helpful for children who may be more nervous about entering the water or learning how to swim – watching their peers swim around comfortably could encourage them to overcome their fears as well. Enthusiastic learners would also infect their peers with their excitement and increase their motivation to keep learning together.

2. Children can learn at their own pace

Learning swimming is as much about internalising the techniques taught as it is about practicing them. In a group setting, since the coach’s focus would move from student to student, students have more time to rest and recharge their energy while watching how their peers perform the techniques they have learnt. Since they do not have to be placed on the spot for the whole lesson, this reduces the pressure that is placed on young swimmers and allows them to learn at a speed that they are comfortable with.

3. Children can have fun together

Group swimming lessons are perfect for fostering friendships, especially among young children. What better way to cement friendships than to go through thrilling new experiences together in swimming class? Even if your child faces challenges while learning swimming – and these are inevitable – they will not only have the support of our experienced coaches, they will also be cheered on by their peers who will brave through these obstacles together with them. More importantly, swimming classes will become fun for them, something they will look forward to so that they can spend time with their friends.

If these group classes are up your child’s alley, sign them up for Learn to Swim classes with us today! These 45-minute group classes are shaped around lesson objectives that are both highly achievable and appropriately challenging for your young child. Contact us for more information!


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