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Invited to join her school’s swim squad, our Penguins are getting faster in deeper waters

This little penguin has left the nest!

Eight-year-old Zoe, who had been part of our Learn To Train program, was recently invited to join her school’s pre-competitive squad.

“Zoe is doing very well,” says her mother, Carmen. “She is happy.”

Moving from a thrice-weekly training program held on Monday and Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings, Zoe is thoroughly enjoying her swims, even if it means early morning trainings that start at 6.45am twice a week.

Having started her swim journey with Coach Hao in Learn To Swim, Zoe progressed to the Learn To Train program where she trained under Coach Lockie.

Her mum said that through the LTT program, Zoe learnt strategies which helped her to swim faster in freestyle, and improved her butterfly stroke technique as well.

“She has more confidence and became more competitive in a good way,” she added.

Zoe registering for a swim meet.

She also noted that while LTT training sessions were hard, they were also “full of motivation” as Zoe trained under “extremely supportive” coaches and alongside teammates who soon became friends.

“Each week Zoe was motivated for a new challenge,” said Carmen.

The resilience that Zoe developed through LTT is serving her well in her new endeavour at school. Despite being new and one of the youngest members of the squad, she is faster than some of her more experienced teammates – an accomplishment that Zoe is proud of.

Carmen ended her update to us with this message that made our day: “The coach asked me where she was training before, and I’m very proud to say Zoe started with the coaches from Red Dot Penguins!”

Congratulations, Zoe! We are so proud of how you have grown and what you have achieved. All the best for your swimming journey ahead! We’ll be here and cheering for you all the way!


The Learn To Train program at Red Dot Penguins is for children like Zoe, between the ages of 5 to 8, who enjoy swimming and aspire to become better swimmers. Run by experienced developmental coaches, this bridging program equips young swimmers with various skills needed for competitive squad training. Skills such as race starts, turns and underwaters are taught alongside dynamic warm-ups, basic strength and conditioning work. If your children love swimming and are able to swim 25m confidently, this pre-competitive programme will take their swimming to the next level.

Contact us for more information or to join a training session for free.


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